Outstanding questions for the standard cosmological model

An international conference to be held at Imperial College London (UK), March 26-29, 2007.

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Invited speakers include:

Alan Blanchard (Tolouse)
Ofer Lahav (UCL London)
Max Bonamente (Huntsville)
Kate Land (Oxford)
Shaun Cole (Durham)
Fabrizio Nicastro (Harvard CfA)
Francoise Combes (Obs. Paris)
Bob Nichol (Portsmouth)
Carlo Contaldi (Imperial)
Keith Olive (Minnesota)
John Cowan (Oklahoma)
Reynald Pain (Paris)
Marc Davis (Berkeley)
Subir Sarkar (Oxford)
Pedro Ferreira (Oxford) Ryan Scranton (Pittsburgh)
Masataka Fukugita (Tokyo)
Tom Shanks (Durham)
Gary Hinshaw (Goddard) Yoh Takei (ISAS Japan)
Christine Jones (Harvard CfA)

Conference Description:

Since the launch of HST, COBE, WMAP, and with the advent of large ground based telescopes, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, and various balloon missions, cosmology has finally become an observational science in full force. Ensuing from this advance is the large body of evidence which, at the present stage, appear to favor the `standard model' of a Universe consisting principally of dark matter and dark (vacuum) energy, having undergone a phase of inflation. Although a good fraction of the data gathered so far can be explained by invoking these three tenets, inconsistencies do manifest themselves in many and varied ways. As a result, alternative theories have been proposed.

The purpose of this conference is to overview the evidence for and against the standard cosmological model. We aim to invite review speakers to summarize the status of key pieces of evidence in both categories, followed by highlight and contributed talks to look at the outstanding questions, ways of addressing them (including alternative competing models), and future scientific and techological prospects.

The following areas of broad classifications define the framework of the conference;

Scientific Organizing Committee:

N. Bahcall, A. Blanchard, C. Contaldi, F. Durret, T. Kibble, R. Lieu (co-chair), L. Page, P. J. E. Peebles, J. Quenby, T. Shanks, and A. Stebbins (co-chair).

Contact Details:

Mrs Graziela DeNadai-Sowrey
Theoretical Physics Group
Imperial College London
email : g.denadai@imperial.ac.uk
Tel. +44 (0)20 7594 7843 Fax. +44 (0)20 7594 7844