Opportunities for Study with Tim Evans

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Postdoctoral Opportunities

Some potential sources of support are below. Note that most programmes require official invitations. The Physics department here is large and gets many requests to host fellows. It will only support a limited number of such applications and it often runs an internal vetting system with a deadline that can be up to two months ahead of the official deadline. Candidates who miss this internal deadline are not put forward. It is important therefore to make early contact with me if you are interested in bringing an individual fellowship here.

PhD Opportunities

I supervise a number of PhD students. The opportunities vary from year to year depending on funding and the number of students I currently have. The application process is as follows.

Taught Programme Projects

I have supervised a large number of undergraduate and masters students summer students from a variety of programmes, the BSc and MSci in Physics, the Physics masters course (and in the past the QFFF masters course). Please see the appropriate programme to details of any projects I am offering. Some of these projects have led to publications, see the list of student publications with Tim Evans.

Summer Project Opportunities

I have worked with a number of undergraduate summer students under the Imperial College UROP scheme but places depend on the number of Masters students I am supervising each year.