Tim Evans 2014 QFT Lecture Videos

These videos were taken from the Autumn 2014 course given in the Physics department of Imperial College. The audience are final year MSci students, QFFF and Physics MSc students, some first year PhD students and some Erasmus students. In some cases sound may be poor, the microphone may have been off or muted. In other cases the lecture was not recorded as changes to the lecture timetable were not reflected in automatic recording schedule.

These were taken from the college's CMS system which inserts random spaces into text. If this happens in a web address used a for link to other pages then that page will not load. If you have problems, hover over the link and you can probably spot these spaces. The first link should work and shows you the format needed. Copy the link address, paste it into your browsers address bar and edit out the spaces. Do let me know if you find any broken links and I will fix them.