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Towards consensus on a unifying treatment of emergence and systems far from equilibrium

I am the node leader for Imperial in this programme. This EPSRC NetworkPlus grant addresses one of EPSRC's Physics Grand Challenges: Emergence and Physics Far From Equilibrium. The proposal is entitled "Towards consensus on a unifying treatment of emergence and systems far from equilibrium". The aim is to build capacity in this area through workshops and collaborative visits i the UK. Funding from the grant is available first to those named on the grant, but is also open to others from named institutions and from the UK as a whole. A typical use might be to provide some funds to support a workshop, perhaps before or after another relevant event, and to support UK researchers attend such events. The remit is wide, however, so always worth asking. The system is relatively informal. Contact the representative (node leader) from the most relevant institute. A committee of such representatives then decides on the best use of funds. The PI in charge is Bogdan Hnat from Warwick and the funds are administered from there. There are also links to ICAM-I2CAM - Institute for Adaptive Complex Matter.

The grant has a number personnel mentioned coming from a wide variety of UK institutes: University of Warwick, Imperial College, University of Manchester,Oxford University, Cambridge University, King’s College London, University of Bath, University of Aberdeen, Durham University, UCL, University of Southampton, University of Leeds, University of Edinburgh, Royal Holloway, University of Nottingham, Lancaster University.