Relativity meets Entanglement and High Energy

A Working Group Meeting for COST Action MP1006, 13-15 September 2011, London


The meeting is aimed at young researchers working in the area of the foundations of quantum mechanics and entanglement issues in a relativistic setting and interested in discussions for novel experiments at the realm of high energy physics. This interdisciplinary field is currently emerging and attracting more and more attention. The aim of the workshop is not to review achieved results extensively but rather enable young and more advanced researchers to present their ideas in an informal way with a lot of intensive discussions and to stimulate new collaborations. Therefore, the young participants are encouraged to give a short presentation and also each young presenter will be provided with constructive feedback on their presentations and advice on how to improve. The meeting is a focussed workshop and to be eligible for financial support and to present their work, the young researchersʼ research must be on a relevant topic. We will strive for gender balance amongst participants and geographical balance, as far as allowed by the scientific focus.

Workshop descriptioN


Fay Dowker

Beatrix Hiesmayr

Dates and Location

13 - 15 September

Imperial College


Registration Deadline

8 August 2011

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