Modern Issues in Foundations of Physics

A workshop in honour of Chris Isham

on occasion of his 70th Birthday

Imperial College London

September 26 (arrival day) – 28, 2014




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 Deadline: Aug. 31, 2014






Julian Barbour, Oxford


Stanley Deser, Brandeis (tbc)


Andreas Döring, Erlangen


Michael Duff, Imperial


Jonathan Halliwell, Imperial


Peter Knight, Imperial


Renate Loll, Nijmegen


Tim Palmer, Oxford


Roger Penrose, Oxford


Carlo Rovelli, Marseille


Sarben Sarkar, King’s College London


Lee Smolin, Perimeter Institute (tbc)


Steven Weinstein, Waterloo



With friendly support by:





Archive for Mathematical Sciences & Philosophy

                    Institute of Physics


with help by Michael Duff, Graziela de Nadai-Sowrey, Michael Wright