Foundations of Quantum Mechanics and Relativistic Spacetime

A Working Group Meeting for COST Action MP1006, 25-26 September 2012, University of Athens, Greece

Keynote speakers: Daniel Bedingham, Lajos Diosi, Beatrix Hiesmayr, Rafael Sorkin, Ward Struyve


Nowhere is the attempt to understand the  foundations of quantum mechanics more challenging than in the attempt to provide a unified framework for quantum theory and relativity. This workshop will bring together experienced experts and young researchers to explore quantum foundations with an eye on the complications and issues that arise in relation to relativity and relativistic spacetime. Topics include: relativistic observer free interpretations of quantum theory; non-locality; time in quantum theory and quantum gravity; histories formulations.

There will be opportunities for participation from young researchers who want to learn more about quantum foundations and start working on it. We will strive for gender balance amongst participants and geographical balance. The conference has funds to contribute to the expenses of some participants.

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Petros Wallden

Christos Efthymiopoulos

Theodosios Christodoulakis

Fay Dowker

Dates and Location

25 - 26 September

University of Athens


Registration Deadline

6 August 2012

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